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LE GRAND DEPART GLOBE40 officially launched in TANGIER

Signature by the Moroccan authorities of the departure of June 2022

The agreement which formalizes the organization of the GRAND DEPART de la GLOBE40 between the Société d’Aménagement pour la reconversion de la Portuaire de Tanger Ville (SAPT), the Société de Gestion du Port de Tanger Ville (SGPTV), and the organizer SIRIUS EVENEMENTS was signed in TANGIER; SAPT and SGPTV represent all the major players in TANGIER and its region who support the operation: WILAYA and the TANGIER – TETOUAN – AL HOCEÏMA REGION, the PREFECTORAL COUNCIL OF TANGIER, THE URBAN MUNICIPALITY OF TANGIER.

TANGIER: an innovative start for the original edition of an innovative race

When it was launched in June 2019, the GLOBE40 strongly displayed its ambition and its values: a world tour that is as much a planetary journey, an accomplishment and a quest for oneself to meet others, as a sporting performance.

To be faithful to this commitment it was necessary that the departure city of the GLOBE40 be its first promise; by choosing for the first time in the history of round-the-world races on African soil and TANGIER the event achieves its ambition.

Could we find better than TANGIER and its 2400 years of history, meeting point of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, Africa and Europe, the East and the West as a starting city expressing the values ​​of the GLOBE40?

TANJA MARINA BAY INTERNATIONAL: a new nautical infrastructure of the first international rank

Competitors will be welcomed in TANGIER in the new TANJA MARINA BAY INTERNATIONAL marina, a new essential destination for yachting tourism in the Mediterranean and Atlantic basin. Nestled at the foot of a mythical city, facing the Medina, it offers a whole range of leisure activities and services with a total capacity of 1400 moorings divided into two pools over a total of 26 hectares and being able to accommodate units of up to 90 meters.

The marina also offers a wintering area, a ship repair area that can accommodate units up to 40 meters, a refueling station, a car park with 430 spaces, shops dedicated to yachting equipment as well as an area entertainment with bars and restaurants bordering the beautiful 7 km long Tangier beach.


Mr. Mohamed OUANAYA, CEO of SAPT and SGPTV

“This round the world trip from the city of Tangier will be part of the history of sailing and major races around the world. An international sporting event which today attracts a large public and which conveys strong human, sporting and social values ​​as well as an entrepreneurial spirit where resilience becomes a precious asset for surpassing oneself at the various stages. Finally, an event that was possible thanks on the one hand to the commitment and constant support of Major Institutional Actors of the City of Tangier and more precisely of the Wilaya and the Tangier – Tetouan – Al Hoceima Region, of the Prefectural Council. of Tangier and the Urban Municipality of Tangier, and on the other hand, thanks to the quality of the services offered and the infrastructures of the Port of Tangier City and its Marina. ”


“Launching the TANGIER GLOBE40, supporting the development of boating in this mythical city, offering Morocco a dream of offshore racing around the world is a great opportunity and an honor for me. TANGIER and its new marina are the perfect setting for this new ambition around the world; and I would particularly like to thank all our Moroccan partners who since the first contacts in September 2019 have never varied in their interest and support despite the harshness of the health crisis; we are actively working so that this GREAT DEPARTURE on June 26, 2022, preceded by 10 days of animation, is for all the sign of renewal after the ordeal”.

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