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Postponement deemed the best solution to navigate the pandemic

The press release dated 1 October 2020 reflected the wishes of both the organisation and the registered teams to stick to the initial GLOBE40 schedule despite the repercussions of the pandemic since the start of 2020. However, the second wave and the second lockdown across Europe and throughout the world mean that this scenario has since been compromised.

As things stand today, ten or so teams are ready to set sail in 2021, whilst other highly committed teams are yet to balance their budget and complete their technical and competitive preparation. In this way, the minimum objective of 15 teams at the start, as set out in the Notice of Race, would likely only be reached within the deadline at a significant risk to the organisation as a whole, the teams’ preparation and hence safety at sea.

At the same time, the constraints on the course remain significant in the absence of any clear indication of when borders will open up again at a number of the stopovers or what the quarantine-type restriction measures will entail. Such measures would inevitably make it difficult for team rotations and the possibility of being joined by families at the different stopovers, one of the event’s key assets.

In the face of these problematics, the enthusiasm for the GLOBE40 and its concept has been unfailing throughout, despite the tough times, and there are a significant number of projects which could be revived, together with a great potential for new projects which are sure to benefit from this change of perspective.

For all these reasons, having consulted twenty or so skippers who are registered or highly committed to the project, together with the host venues, the organisation has opted to push back the start of the event by a year to 2022, in accordance with the standpoints expressed fairly unanimously.

Fundamentally the same event

Attached to this press release, today’s updated Notice of Race retains the fundamental elements of the event with no changes to the sports regulations, the course, the general programme or the financial elements.

Therefore, the start in TANGIER has been put back to Sunday 26 June 2022 with the renewed support of our Moroccan partners. All the other course stopovers are also maintained.

The registration process is being organised along the same principles and, as of today, any new projects signing up for the race will have 3 dedicated payment schedules for their entry fees: on 1 July 2021, 31 December 2021 and 1 March 2022, the closing date for entries.

To date, virtually all the original entries remain committed to the new 2022 scenario with several other projects set to quickly join them. An update on the entries will be published in January.

It’s worth noting that this postponement until 2022 will not impact the 2025 schedule for the 2nd edition of the quadrennial GLOBE40.

The virtual GLOBE40: a great warm-up to bring sunshine to 2021

The now famous VIRTUAL REGATTA game is currently enabling nearly a million players to enjoy a fantastic Vendée Globe. For 2021, a virtual GLOBE40 round the world race, during the original time slot for the race, will be on offer to this community with a scheduled start on Sunday 27 June from TANGIER.

Several hundred thousand players are expected to compete and for the winner of each leg, there will be a prize of 2 plane tickets to the destination of the leg which has been won!

Onwards and upwards: 20 to 25 teams at the start

For many, the GLOBE40 will be the adventure of a lifetime, which makes it all the more imperative to choose the best solution that can ensure the success of this first edition. Already, a real community has been created over the course of the many months of exchanges with skippers of 20 different nationalities, with strong links formed as we navigate the current series of difficulties together.

2021 will be a great year to calmly go about the technical preparation of the boats and the sporting preparation of the crews, with a number of races on the agenda. The new deadline will also enable new owners to sign up for the race, with a minimum of 5 boat purchases already lined up in the short term, especially by international projects; at half of the teams will be international with 15 different nationalities.

With this new deadline then, the GLOBE40 is clearly moving onwards and upwards with an objective of 20 to 25 teams at the start, whilst it remains faithful to its original concept: a round the world accessible to informed amateurs and professionals alike, combining competitive appeal, adventure and an outward-looking attitude, along an innovative course perfectly geared towards the Class40.

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