The round the world revisited by race photographer Jean-Marie Liot


“At the start in Lorient, for the prologue to Tangiers, dolphins accompanied Stormtech. A nice symbol: they were part of the party too”.

« On the pontoons in Lorient, at the start, there were already these gestures between the competitors. Fingers crossed, to say to each other: Sail Safe! »

« 11 June 2022. They’ve just set off from Lorient to a race around the world, leaving Groix to port. When they leave the same island to starboard in a few months’ time, it will be proof that they have circumnavigated the globe ».


« End of the prologue in Tangier, Morocco’s magical city. With its medina above the port. White everywhere, but also full of colour, little streets, little shops and smiles everywhere too. Not forgetting the smells at the big market. Smells you won’t forget! ».

« We’ll be leaving Tangier in a few minutes. The embrace between Micah Davis, on Class40 Amhas, and his family was impressive. His wife and children were also there in Papeete, Grenada and Ushuaïa. A huge family spirit ».

Cape Verde

« This is a fisherman from Cape Verde, near Mindelo, with the San José lighthouse behind him, on Sao Vincente Island, in the south of the island. He took me fishing in places where you don’t want to break down, with unforgiving waves. In this photo, it’s dead calm. I’ve heard it’s very rare in this part of the world ».

« It’s 17 July 2022: the start of the race in Mindelo. Leg 2, heading for Cape of good hope and Mauritius  ».


« I went to the heart of Mauritius, near Balaclava in particular. That’s how I met this farmer, in his onion field. His beard looks white, but it’s actually green, the colour of his onions ».

« What’s the paradise? Probably a bit of this beach too, on the island of Mauritius. Windsurfers in the background and fishermen in front. No one in the way. It’s a beach near the village tucked under the Morne mountain, in the south-west of the island. »

« 11 September 2022. The boats have just left Port Louis on Mauritius. They pass in front of the Albion lighthouse. They’re on their way to Polynesia. I stabilised my drone at a height of 80 metres to take this photo: I like the result ».


« November 26th. Start of Amhas from Papeete, heading for Ushuaïa, via Cape Horn. Quite a tough leg, isn’t it? ».

« We’re in Papeete, just before the start of the 5th stage. On the left is Melodie Schaffer, the only woman to race around the world. In her eyes, as in those of Brian Harris of Amhas, you can see bits of Cape Horn. It’s on their programme now, they know it. It doesn’t seem to scare them. Respect! ».

«It’s under this mountain, in Papeete, that the surfing event of the next French Olympic Games in 2024 will take place. You might as well STAY A LITTLE FARTHER AWAY, BELIEVE ME!».

Cap Horn

« This photo is not mine, of course. It was taken by Estelle Greck as she rounded Cape Horn. I love this photo, and she sent it to me. Flat calm in front of Cape Horn, it’s almost surreal, downright worrying ».


« We arrived in Recife, Brazil. During the stage, I went to Olinda, on the outskirts of Recife. They were starting to prepare for Carnival. Training every Saturday and Sunday. The cloud. Every day during Carnival. The weekend alone was huge ».

« In the background is Recife, with its modern towers. And in front is a traditional fishing boat. You can’t see him very well on the boat, but the fisherman in the red cap sprays seawater on his sail all the time. Otherwise, he told me that in the sun, the fabric of the sail cooks and that it makes holes afterwards ».


« Frans Budel and Ysbrand Endt, from Sec Hayai, have just crossed the finish line in Lorient. They are second in this final leg and first overall. Hats off to them! Hats off to the others too! ».

« The American Joe Harris and the Italian Roger Junet, on Gryphon Solo II , both crossed the finish line in Lorient. They are 4th in the overall ranking and they have every reason to be proud. They’ve sailed around the world too! ».

« Roger Junet, the Italian on Gryphon Solo II, is a funny guy. A mountain, physically, and always laughing. An Italian from the Puglia region who speaks French very well. One of the few to have been all the way round the world. And what a smile he had when he arrived in Lorient! ».

« At the start, as I told you, we had to leave Groix to port. So we’ll be on starboard on the way back. It proves that we’ve sailed around the world. Now it’s Gryphon Solo II’s turn, last Thursday. He too has won the essential: the right to say that he has rounded the three capes in a race. This is the club of the great gentlemen of ocean racing ».

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