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The course comes full circle with a finish in Portugal

TANGIER ON SUNDAY 27 JUNE 2021. Upon setting sail on the first leg to the Cape Verde archipelago, the competitors in the first edition of the GLOBE40 are sure to feel as if they’re experiencing something unique. Indeed, it will be a moment that marks the start of a whole new chapter in the history of offshore races, a moment which takes a different route to the traditional circuits, a moment where getting the chance to experience it after so much effort on the part of the competitors is an accomplishment in itself, a moment that, for the most part, has hitherto been unmatched in their lifetime. Ahead of their bows lay some 9 months to enjoy an extraordinary sporting and human adventure.

The various legs of the course remain as previously announced. As such, in 2021, the GLOBE40 will try to help rekindle the bond with humanity, that has been so severely put to the test over the course of the previous year.

As announced, 2 prologues have been organised to set sail from France; the Atlantic prologue from LA ROCHELLE and the Mediterranean prologue from MARSEILLE. The start of the prologues on Saturday 12 June will enable the competitors to make for TANGIER in fleet configuration. The regulations for the prologues will enable a crewed passage in order to bring together the protagonists from each project, other than the designated skippers.

The event’s grand finale, the finish, was yet to be announced. However, it was important for this great sea-going journey of discovery to round off in a destination steeped in maritime history. As such, it is an understatement to say that PORTUGAL and LISBON fit the bill to perfection. Indeed, its hosting of the GLOBE40 finish in March 2022 will coincide with the 500th anniversary of the return in 1522 of the first circumnavigation of the globe by Magellan (albeit without Magellan himself who died along the way in the Philippines). What a stylish finale with the River Tagus and the Belem Tower as the finish mark! And what a fine epilogue for an adventure set to begin on African soil and conclude within the charming capital of one of the oldest nations in Europe!

An event that is forging on ……   

Alongside the 16 projects already announced in the autumn, some of which have had a tough time of late, other projects have come along to flesh out the line-up over the past two months. Indeed, there are a number of international projects and every week sees one or two new projects emerging. The latter will gradually be presented over the coming weeks once their confirmation is definitive. In the meantime, it’s fair to say that the enthusiastic furore surrounding the GLOBE40 is really ramping up.

Therefore, the organisation team is still very much on track to deliver on its original objective, set out in the Notice of Race, by confirming a minimum of around fifteen projects by 1 October – the first fixed deadline for registration fees. As such, by the end of the year, around twenty or so competitors remains feasible for this first edition.

All the organisation and technical aspects of the race were finalised in the amendment to the Notice of Race issued on 13 May 2020 (sail choice – sailing category – additional safety equipment) and solely the finer details regarding the transport of the teams’ equipment between legs is yet to be completed. However, a call for tenders is underway with various airline companies and the technical assistance to be set up at each stopover remains a key focus for the organisation.

In this way, with the organisation framework virtually complete, the teams will be able to focus on getting their respective projects to the next level.

The French Sailing Federation, the benchmark for a competitive framework

The FÉDERATION FRANÇAISE DE VOILE (French Sailing Federation) has given its consent to officially register this event in its race schedule. In so doing, the GLOBE40 comes within the regulatory framework outlined by the FF Voile for major offshore race events. This framework, created as a result of numerous years of experience, ensures that safety and sporting equity are of the highest level thanks to race committees, members of the jury and offshore racing equipment testers. The race direction will be announced in the coming weeks. The FFVoile’s involvement naturally serves as recognition of the event’s potential.

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