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Course completed with the arrival in Portugal

TANGIER ON SUNDAY JUNE 27, 2021: by setting off for the first stage towards the Cape Verde Islands, the competitors of the inaugural edition of GLOBE40 will certainly have the feeling of living a unique moment; a moment that marks a new page to be written in the history of ocean racing, a moment that comes out of traditional circuits, a moment which is already in itself a culmination – to be there after a lot of effort for the most part – and a moment without unmatched doubt in the lives of most of the participants. And ahead of you 9 months to live an extraordinary sporting and human adventure.

The stages of the course remain as announced while most of the countries crossed are coming out of the most difficult period. In 2021, the GLOBE40 will help to renew the link between this humanity so weakened the previous year.

2 prologues are set up from France, the Atlantic prologue from LA ROCHELLE and the Mediterranean Prologue from MARSEILLE; the start of the prologues on Saturday 12 June will allow the competitors to join TANGER in the fleet; the prologue regulations will allow crew navigation in order to involve stakeholders from each project in this first route.

The final climax, the arrival, remained to be announced: for this great maritime journey, the journey had to end with the choice of a destination also marked by a great maritime history: it is an understatement to say that PORTUGAL and LISBON correspond to this definition. The arrival of the GLOBE40 in March 2022 will correspond exactly to the 500th anniversary of the return in 1522 of the first round-the-world trip, the great expedition of Fernand de Magellan (who was killed in the Philippines will not live this return).

An arrival on the Tagus with the Tower of Belem as the finishing mark, what a panache! and what a beautiful conclusion to this adventure that began on African soil to end in one of the oldest European nations, in this charming capital.

An event that is progressing …

Alongside the 16 projects already announced in 1first quarter, obviously roughed up for some, others have come over the last two months to complete the set; international projects are strongly represented (Australia – Holland – Denmark – Sweden – USA) and each week sees one or two new projects appear. These will be presented in the coming weeks as they are confirmed. Gradually the GLOBE40 returns to the enthusiasm it had known since its launch in June of last year.

The event therefore remains within its objective of being able to confirm on October 1 – the first firm deadline for registration fees – the minimum fifteen projects provided for in the notice of race; and by the end of the year to end up with about twenty competitors remains accessible for this first edition.

All the organization and technical aspects of the race have been finalized and have been amended to the notice of race published on May 13 (choice of sails – navigation category – additional safety equipment); only the point of the transport of equipment for the teams between the stages remains to be completed, a call for tenders being in progress with air carriers; the technical assistance to be set up at each stage in support of competitors remains an essential point in the eyes of the organization.

The organizational framework practically finalized one year from the start thus allows the teams to concentrate on the progress of their project.

The GLOBE40 on the calendar of the French Sailing Federation

The FRENCH SAILING FEDERATION has officially given its agreement to include the event in its official calendar; at the same time, the GLOBE40 comes within the regulatory framework defined by the FF Voile for major offshore racing events.

A framework resulting from many years of experience and which guarantees at the same time the taking into account of the aspects of safety and sporting fairness through the role of the race committees, the members of the jury, and the controllers of racing equipment. off the coast. The race direction will be presented in the coming weeks. This involvement of the FFVoile also marks recognition of the event.

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