All legs of the second edition

The program of all stages

2025-2026 legs program

  • Sunday 31th August: start of the prologue
  • Thursday 4th and Friday 5th September 2025: arrival of the competitors from Lorient (Globe40 prologue)
  • Saturday 6th September: inauguration of the village and the start of the entertainment programme
  • Saturday 13th September: presentation of the crews in the village
  • Sunday 14th September: start of the 1st leg to Mindelo in Cape Verde
  • Arrival of competitors estimated around 20th September 2025
  • Thursday 02nd October 2025: start of the 2nd stage to Reunion Island
  • Arrival of the competitors estimated around 1st November 2025
  • Friday 21st November 2025: start of the 3rd stage to Sydney in Australia
  • Arrival of competitors estimated around 15th December 2025
  • Thursday 1st January 2026: start of the 4th stage to Valparaiso, Chile
  • Arrival of competitors estimated around 31st January 2026
  • Wednesday 18th February: start of the 5th stage to Recife, Brazil
  • Estimated arrival of competitors around 15th March 2026
  • Sunday 29th March: start of the 6th stage to Lorient, France
  • Arrival of competitors estimated around 17th April 2026